A Man’s gift makes room for him.

Praise the Name of Jesus Messieh.

Today the Lord has placed on my heart a scripture that has spoken to me concerning my life and the lives of others who have defied the odds that were against them to be lifted up by the Lord and do the will of God in their lives. These men and women found that God’s Destiny for our life, which is to say His will will bring us to that finished product He intends for us to become. When He sees you and me he doesn’t see us as we are though He can see all things. When He sees us He sees us as the finished product He has predetermined us to be. Can we frustrate God’s Will and miss out on the blessings of the Lord? Yes. Can we start all over again?Yes.

You may say Bro. Josh I feel called to preach but I really dont know anyone or my Pastor wont acknowledge my calling or I feel so far from the Lord but have a burning desire to do a work for God. God has given me a gift and talent and I want to use it for God but just don’t know what to do.

The bible declares in (Proverbs 18:16) A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.The word gift here means a present and we know the scriptures teach us that every gift comes from God. (James 1:17) Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. God gives us gifts and talents that will be a blessing to His body and the lost and God is no respector of persons and he will make room for your gift, your talent and your ministry just as he has done in the past.

The bible says God will cause your gift to make room for you meaning He will take the things He has imparted into your spirit man, that seed that when it is full grown will cause you to blossom and become the man or woman Jesus has destined you to be and cause it to make room for you in the work of the Kingdom. The scripture also goes on to say that it will bring you before great men.  The word great here can mean a large number or also men of importance and men established and distinguished in heir work for God. If you truly have a gift God will make room for that gift but will before that send you to a great Man of God who will help you cultivate your gift.

So many of us let the hardships of serving God stray us from allowing our gift to make room for us and we attempt to twist God’s arm and make Him immediately manifest our gifts and talents to the world without us every being proven and without us every going through the tests of life in general that help mold us into the men and women God is calling us to be. Moses although caled of God to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage, killed an Egyptian and attempted to execute the feelings in his heart before the gift of God could make room for him and he ended up on the back side of a dessert for 40 years before He heard from God.

A man’s gift will make room for Him. Jospeh told the dream to his brothers about the Sun and the Moon and the 11 stars bowing before him and this was God’s Destiny for Joseph to be a ruler over his brethern and to ultimately save the world during famine. He ended up in a pit sold to the Midianites as a slave and ended up the slave to Potiphor. His was exalted only to be placed in jail again then to rise out of obscurity and interpret the Pharoh’s dream and be made as great as Pharoh except for in His throne. Joseph lead the world through 7 good years and 7 years of famine and all the people were kept alive by this Man of God whose gift made room for him.

Be patient for your work in God. Jesus will make room for your gift. Do you feel like leaving your church and Pastor and roaming about seeking to do the will of God? Friend you will roam and roam and never make your self what God and God alone can make you. He has a destiny for your life and wants to fulfil it but you must be obedient and allow Him to use the gift He has imparted to you to make room for you.

It has taken nearly 18 years in fact the whole history of my ministry to figure this out. Testimony has come from the test I have gone through. Just as the Apostle Peter was jailed and place among four quarentines of soldiers it was not his destiny to die there. The prayer meeting the church had didn’t set Peter free but God’s destiny was revealed by Jesus when he said when your old you will be lead where you dont want to go.

If you will follow Jesus faithfully and help your Pastor young preacher and work in your church saint God will allow your gift to make room for itself and bring you into the council of great and Godly men. This church or ministry you are working with ,ay not be your final destination realize Jesus has you here and the Man of God is placed in your life to help cultivate and grow your gift so God can make your life exactually what He designed for it to be.

This study will be continued in the next few days.

In Jesus Name,

Bro. Josh Sparks.


36 thoughts on “A Man’s gift makes room for him.

  1. I find it amazing how many years it can take for this to occur. Discovering gifts and callings and distinguishing which is which and then moving ahead with what one has learned.
    Godly councel should be able to properly identify these to a young man causing the arrow to fly to its intended mark. We seem to have too few Godly leaders who will take the time to invest, recognize, charge, and send such zeal filled young men. Too often our western ministry mentality for growth fails to properly equip and send these much needed workers into the field.
    I too have seamingly wasted many years (25)not fulfilling the call. Much of that was due to an unbridaled spirit. I had the zeal but lacked the discernment to recognize the gifts and callings of God. Lacked the ability to submit to leadership that I was entrusted to.
    Wisdom of Proverbs is transfered through investment of leaders with a heart for the next generation. Leaders who will instill, invest, inject, impart, and set young leaders who will carry on the message of the gospel with power from on high.
    Finally, I have found where I am most confortable, resting in my gifts and callings which have made room for me.

    Thank you Brother Sparks for your words and insite.

    Frank Sloan

  2. solid truth…….great word. keep up the good work…i read an article similar to this word entitled “loaded to be needed” it was saying to quit worrying about being needed and just get ready for when you are needed….so when GOD calls my number i will be ready….

  3. Thanks, so much God have been deal with heart about my gift will make room for me, I am leader at my church but some time I get over look so things at church. some time I feel like leaving the church but God is so Good. I teach children’s church at my church.

  4. Solid truth, but we should remember that Deuteronomy 8:11-14 tells us that when the blessing or room is made for the gift we should not forget before pride sets in. The gift is perpetual but it is our character that will determine whether the room will remain open. Keep a continuos relationship with Jesus your Savior and Lord.
    Thank you.


  6. Thank you so much for the article about a person’s gift. This verse came to me this morning after I had got upset after hearing a discussion in our church regarding whether a certain degree was valid for a certain vocation (not mine). After this, on the bus to work a lady sat by me and was talking about great men visitin g to read the bible to us and give a talk locally. Have been following the Lord and trying to listen for twenty years now and know I am not destined to be great, but have had prayers answered. I am a good mother and grandmother. What upsets me is the competitiveness for importance in christian circle I am in and feel like leaving, as I am not young now and do not wish to spend years listening to the bitching. I would love to sit down and listen to a really dedicated man of god’s ministry, but rely a lot for that on whats in my bookcase. Your aritcle told us not to roam about, so I feel perhaps it was good advice.

  7. Praise God for you brother Josh, I was in tears as I read this blog while the holy spirit ministered to me through it. I’ve been trying to be strong for so long while keeping a smile and being encouraging to others.
    So many attacks on my life personally pertaining to me moving into my destiny. I get weary and want to give up but don’t let my actions show it outwardly to my wife, children, family, friends, coworkers and individuals that I come in contact with in which I share the good news of Christ and how God has keep his mighty hand of protection over my life since a child to currently a grown man. Please pray that God will strengthen me spiritually that I might be able to operate more influencially as a vessel for Christ moving me into destiny.

  8. THank you for this Conformation , I havve been praying asking the Lord , what exactly this Proverb meant , Thank you so much this really has helped me . ;D GOD BLESS !

  9. I was taught that this was talking about material things like Abraham, and others that gave large amounts to others. Some times pastors will tell people their gifts will make room for them, when talking about a postion that they want to give to some one else and that person may not be good witht the postion and this is said to shut that person up. This can sometimes hurt the other person I have seen this done many times.

  10. Thank u so much bro josh…you are really sparkling!!! Thanks for kingdom thinking. I so want prov 18:16 to be worked out in my life…to become exactly what God has designed me to be. Really appreciate your wonderful sharing. God bless you and increase you. He grants you high visibility and great impact in 2012! Cheers and shalom, esther

  11. Wow I woke up, and heard th.e Lord say he want to make me great before men, but I won’t let him! I been told by my pastor I was a gatekeeper. But at the same time they put me down. Say I’m not praying. I never been taught. I know the gift is there. People ask me all the time to pray for them. Mostly sick people. Something I can feel their pain. And I can tell ’em where they are in pain at!

  12. God is dealing with me about some great promises He has given me and my family. I believe He is preparing us for a great harvest. A harvest of souls into the Kingdom, wealth to fund the Gospel (Great News) of Jesus Christ, and various ministries. When I questioned Him about when these things were to take place and where took look for the harvest, He authoritatively spoke (in a small still voice), “Your gift will make room for you my son”. I have the gift of evangelism, as well as others. I plan to fully exhaust my gifts as the Father uses them to bring Glory to Himself. I am an empty vessel. LORD, fill me up. Pour me out. Bond-servant.

  13. Thank you so much for this post. I really needed to hear this today.I am a 36yr old minister who has been saved since 1989. God has given me the gift to minister in song since the very age of 8. I’ve used my gift in the world until I got saved in 1989. I have faithfully grown in a local body with 13yrs of ministry.3yrs ago from today God led me to relocated my family and I to a totally different state. I am serving in a bigger ministry now than before, allowing my gift to be used as a Primary Praise and Worship Leader. I’ve served in this department since I got saved. But I’ve had many challenges in life that has caused insecurities. I know God has placed something bigger in my heart concerning ministry.But right now I’m having trouble discerning what it is that He wants me to do next, Pastor,Music Ministry,or just wait for next instructions.I’ve had the opportunity to start my own business,put out an album,but it just doesn’t feel fulfilling. I have been told numerous time that God has a ministry for me and my wife.So with all being said please keep me in your prayer that God would divinely direct my steps.If you have any input that would be great!!! Thanks God bless

  14. This is so good i had breakfast already God’s word is so powerful sometimes it’s hard but hey God is good thanks for enlighten me & refresh my spirit at the same time

  15. A man gift will make room for them & bring us before great men what an a word we must go through our test in order to reach our place in God Joseph was in prison Daniel was in the lion’s den Moses wonder in the wilderness for (4o ) Paul was put in prison o if God had done that to me i would complain teach me thy ways o Lord let me not lean to mine on understanding but in all my way teach me to wait on u !!

  16. Brother Josh. Thank you for this revelation. This morning, the Lord practice first to my mind. I was able to Google some information based on the desire to get commentary on the verse. I found your commentary, and it was exactly what I am going through. The challenges. The growth. The opposition. And the strengthening of my soul in order to grow the gift to pass this next challenge.Thanks, DL

  17. O my Last year my sister die she gave a vision before she pass told me how beautiful my bath room was i couldn’t understand what she was saying , The Lord brought the vision back & this is what he says it’s the Glory she saw in the bath room as i often pray in the bathroom & read my bible o praised the Lord my brother be encourage God will strengthen u

  18. God spoke this Word into My Spirit, and I got it vividly explained in your site today. God bless you

  19. Wow God is truly amazing before my sister die the Lord speak to me saying he’s moving some one close to me never would i imagine it was my sister can God o yes he can u gave me chills when i read ur word from the Lord

  20. Eph 3:20 is HIS Word to you, my brother. This is my thank you for sharing this. A word in due season for me.

  21. Very good post! It really helped me to understand what this Scripture means and it helped me to accept the place that God has me until He opens doors for me that no man can shut, and makes room for my gifts. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! May God bless you richly!

  22. Thank you Brother Sparks! I have been struggling with a call to ministry for 20 years. At times very discouraged. We are plugged in at New Life Church in Little Rock. Determined to be faithful. Taking note of your directives. Thank you!!! May the Lord continue to anoint & bless your ministry!

  23. Thanks bro Josh. This is just what I need. That feeling of knowing my purpose in life a times overwhelms me. May God in his Mercy’s help me.

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